Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Princess Brynlee

Happy Birthday to our Baby Girl, Brynny, Baby Blue Eyes, Bryn Bear- January 19th. This has been an amazing year, & we couldn't have asked for a more perfect daughter. She is the happiest little thing around and will guarantee to brighten anyone's day within seconds of seeing her. She has the sweetest spirit, she's our smiling and laughing fool, and is even recently starting to take after her dad in her frequent outburst in babbling song. We love her so much and are so insanely blessed to have her in our family!

She had a great time at her little family party, and I just thought this pic of her in the chair was so dang cute. If I was talented enough to erase the rest of us from it I would have.

She LOVED her cake and ate every last morsel, obviously we're related!

We Love you Brynlee!!!


The Badger family said...

I can't believe Brinley is already 1. Wow hoe time flies.

Amanda said...

Hey Brooklyn! Thought I'd visit and leave a comment...I was thinking that Brynlee would probably pick at her birthday cake and eat just the icing while leaving the other stuff for someone else to eat...That seems to be how I remember your eating habits!

Brooke said...

Happy B-day to Brynlee! I can't believe that she is a year already! Seems like just yesterday that you were prego and accompanying me on the piano in primary!

Haley said...

Brinley is adorable! She's just like her mom, pickin' at those sweets. That cake looks good - did you make that?