Thursday, January 3, 2008

Goodbye 2007

2007 has come to an end, but not without all the craziness that always seems to come with the month of December! So here goes my attempt to sum up all we've been up to these last few weeks with some completely out of order pictures!
Christmas was truly magical this year. It just seems to get better and better when your kids start to get old enough to love the festivities as much as you do. All the traffic jams, driving 10 minutes and following unsuspecting shoppers to their car just to get a parking spot, waiting in lines, and scrambling literally until 4 o'clock on Christmas eve, was all so worth it! Actually, I'm not sure if it would really feel like christmas without it all the last minute chaos. Every year I swear I will be more organized, but I think this year i've finally resigned myself to the fact that that will never happen. Oh well, I kind of like the insanely crowded malls, filled with christmas music, and the justification it gives me to shop much more often. Now onto the unorganized picture with some highlights!

Brynlee and Carson LOVED the horse they got- Brynlee also got the cutest little rocking chair that she thinks is way big enough to climb up on herself- apparently it hasn't bothered her that she seems to fall off everytime. Live and learn!
We took a trip to Sea World and I just liked this pic :)
Loved having the family all together, and the boys got in plenty of male bonding with food and football. Although christmas day is always spent trying to be with both of our families as much as possible since both mine and Matt's families live so was a little favored to the Andersons this Christmas since it will be last for 4 years that we'll all be here :(
Gingerbread houses with the Halveys...apparently Lori actually let her kid help decorate,... I would have let Carson had he not be too busy shoving his face with candy.
Driving to L.A in my parents 15 passenger van- just take a couple advil before you board and hopefully the headache won't hit too hard in the world's bumpiest ride. I LOVE nathan's face...kinda creepy!
Browns annual party with the annual nativity featuring the world's oldest, but most cooperative baby Jesus. Brynlee was already in bed. I have to say this was followed by a hilarious program mostly put on by the kids!
The whole family together minus Shane, at the Hotel Del Coronado.
After many many attempts to get a cute pic in the xmas outfits, I gave up on having the kids look at the camera. I guess if you're not all looking then no one look!

I'm already missing the sounds and smells of Christmas. Life finally got back to a normal pace yesterday, and i'm a little sad about it. Luckily I'm still enjoying the christmas decor, although I have a feeling Matt's going to make taking it down our project this weekend. At least I have Carson to sing Jingle Bells to me at least 5 times a day. Last year he asked to listen to it until March when I finally cut him off, so I suspect that he'll be singing it until next Christmas now that he knows the whole song.

We've had such an amazing holiday and an even more amazing 2007. We have been so blessed in our lives, and love being able to recap the year and spend so much time with family. Life seems to move way too fast which means the little kiddies are growing up too fast also. Here's to an even better 2008 without any resolutions except to stay happy and healthy- I think I can keep those!


ERK & MRK said...

Love all of the darling pictures! Thanks for blogging :)

The Badger family said...

It sounds like you had a great Christmas holiday. I am sad we didn't get to see eachother. We weren't in Cali as long as we had hope we would ave been. I hope to see you next time I come into town or if we can put together that girls trip.

bethany said...

I loved your Christmas card! So cute and you look so good-I'm totally jealous because you probably look at the exercise DVD in the case and lose weight. :) Seriously, looks like you had a great Christmas, that pic of Brynlee is adorable!

Haley said...

It looks like your family had such a fun time at Christmas. I, too, am going the holiday withdrawal - we put up our Christmas stuff last weekend :( All Rowen kept saying was "ho,ho,ho bye bye". SO Sad!!