Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Girls just Wanna Have fun...and shop

I've gotten in some good quality girl's time the last few days which is always a must to keep me a little less crazy. There's nothing that some good shopping and eating can't cure. Lucky for me, i've gotten out a little more that normal lately, and been on 2 separate L.A adventures...seriously I could get used to this! Monday I went to L.A with a couple girls to see the Ellen show- SO FUN...but that's my next post! and over the weekend I went to L.A with some cousins for some serious retail therapy. I really didn't do too much damage (just in case Matt reads this) but I had a blast doing all things girly! Shopping, eating, and good old pedicures. We went to the downtown fashion district in L.A- and the shopping experts introduced me to "the Mart" a monthly sample sale of designer duds, and i'm thinking I need to make it at least a quarterly outing. So much fun and always a fun time hanging out with my cousins- can't wait till next time!

The Shopping Crew!!!


The Badger family said...

So I have to say that I am little bit jelous. How fun to go out and shop and do some great cousin bonding. I am glad we will all be going to Palm Springs to bond. That will be a great trip!

Marcie said...

Looks like fun! We missed you today. I hope your kiddos will be better soon! Mike and Gav were sick today. Doesn't it make you look forward to Spring to be done with all of the Winter sickness? Talk to you soon!