Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Another Year Older....

...and so much sassier, wiser, cuter, and fun is our little Brynny Bear! Emphasis on the sass, which on a 3 year old is nothing short of pure entertainment 90% of the time. Combine that with the occassional drama...the teenage yrs could be interesting!

This little girl has a serious love of life, and you can't help but be happy in her presense. She smiles, laughs, sings, and dances constantly.
She turned 3 on January 19th, and we celebrated with a princess party fit for a queen. Brynlee is girl through and through so the theme was must do.

After our tea party, Cinderella paid us a visit and read all the little princesses her story. Then we played "find the missing glass slipper", and "hot princess castle". All in all, an adorable party for our favorite 3 yr. old!!!

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