Sunday, February 7, 2010

Walking in our Winter Wonderland

Our December came and went waaaay to fast like most do. If I could create the calendar for the year it would include 3 months of December and the rest Summer months. And yes, all three of those Christmas months would be be filled with all things Christmas....inlcuding, but not limited to: Christmas music (yes, I am one of those annoying people who play it for 2 months straight and am still not sick of it), Christmas cards- the only month I actually check my mail on a regular basis...honestly where's the fun in the daily and never ending bills, Christmas parties, peppermint ice cream- oh for the love of sweet, sweet peppermint ice cream, cinnamon bread, endless treats on the counter, good food, lots of candy cane hot chocolate, and nice people. (everyone is so much happier!!!!)
But since we are limited to one december month, (except in our home November is more or less a christmas month) we soaked up all the fun we possibly could for one holiday season, and sadly said goodbye until next year.
One of the seasons less exciting yet usually entertaining activities, of attempting the perfect family pictures. It's a good thing i'm writing this 2 months late because at this point i'm remembering these sessions fondly, when really, when is trying to get more the one person looking at the camera at once ever fun? Never!!!!
But it's all about the memories.....
Then we move on to one of our most favorite traditions...Christmas eve parties. We started with the big Anderson party which was luckily moved to the 23rd, so there were no partying conflicts. We LOVE our family parties!!!!
Brynlee realized she had a special place in her heart for her Great Grandma Anderson and couldn't get enough. I thought it was quite possibly one of the most tender and cute things ever, so hopefully Grandma wasn't feeling to smothered :)

What else can you do during the annual talent portion of the program? As if (whoa major clueless flashback:) Nope we listened intently the whole time, but I did love spending time with some of my cousins.

And last but certainly not least, round one of the always entertaining nativity. I figure if we do it enough, one of these years my kids will truly start to understand the true meaning of Christmas, but for now, there enthusiasm to dress up like a shepherd is pretty cute.

And the 24th.... The Brown family Christmas eve party with e.v.e.r.y.o.n.e there!!! Which has not happened in all the years that we've been married, so we LOVED seeing everyone! Here's the whole gang in all our glory!
The now annual rendetion of the 12 days of Christmas performed by some of the Brown boys. I dare to bet that until you've seen this number, you haven't seen the song properly sung with the right amount of energy.
Nativity #2....and dang cute!
Brynlee also realized that she had a special place in her heart for her cousin Brooklyn, after Brooklyn gave her a baby stroller for the cousin gift exchange. Then to top it off with a cherry, she brought her tiny little dog and let Brynlee push her around on the strollers maiden voyage! According to a two year old, life does not get much better.

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