Wednesday, February 24, 2010

They're Just Saying...

......Kids are brutally honest, and innocent. It's really some of their best traits. Afterall, isn't that why we're told to be a little bit more like children? Lately we've been hit with some funnies around here. A necessity in life, so we're able, just for a moment to look beyond the constant teasing and fighting and re-gain a touch of sanity. and we've been needing that a little extra around here during tax, if we're being honest, most of the embarrasing comments made in public are what we adults are really thinking, but have been trained to keep to ourselves, in attempt to appear proper. But just maybe the kids are doing some people a favor by making them aware of what may have been an oversight in their morning routines :)

"Mom What's wrong with her make-up?" or "How come her hair is so big?"

But the winner of the latest most embarassing goes to.....Carson, who saw a h.u.g.e.l.y obese person.

"Mom, I just heard him fluff. hehehe. But how do you think he goes to the bathroom if he's SO big? How would he even sit on the toilet?"

Good question Carson!

And the best quote of the week- no embarrasment even included, was when I pointed out all the yummy soy milk flavors at the grocery store and Carson said,

"Ewww, I'm never drinking Soy Milk, because then you'll get man boobs."

Well maybe i'll just have to start drinking some...with the exception of when i'm pregnant of course :)

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bethany said...

That's awesome-how does Carson know about man boobs anyway?