Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Big Day

Christmas was magical this year. Not only because my kids are the BEST ages, but because we caught Santa. But don't worry, he didn't see us.
We were quiet as a mouse as we watched Santa go about his business through the stairs. We saw him taking a rest, putting lots of presents under the tree as he talked about Carson and Brynlee, eating the muffin and milk we left out for him, and even declaring his love for burritos....I can only guess he must have been coming directly from Tiajuana.
The kids were mesmorized. I woke Brynlee up at 6:00 to tell her that I thought I heard him and she immediately popped up and said, "Me too, can we can go look at him?" It was hilarious. Carson was a little more nervous because he didn't want Santa to get even the littlist peek at him so he was very careful!!! Once he left we were ready for business.....
We woke up at my parents house this year, and everyone was in town.
It was a busy day, but SO fun!!!
Brynlee's highlight was her chest of dress-ups. She's learned all the right poses and everything. Have I ever mentioned how much I love having a girl.
And both the kids, were sent on a scavenger hunt for their final present. A John deere tractor. It's the ONLY thing Carson really wanted and when he didn't see it under the tree he was totally bummed. But I knew if I put it under the tree he wouldn't open anything he had to wait.
I always wanted one of these suckers when I was little, so it was pretty fun to see how excited it made the kids, especially Carson!!!!
Then it was off to the Browns. Have I ever mentioned that they live only a mile from my parents? Therefore all holidays are anything but mellow and relaxing. Nonetheless we are so grateful that we get to see so much family all the time and especially that we get to spend holidays with everyone and have 20 meals :)
Since everyone was in town this year we also had our annual Browns vs. Andersons football game. The jury is still out on who won, or should I say who deserved to win, but we'll just leave it at that.
The rest of the week I did a horrible job at taking pictures, but Keri's family stayed in town and we played and played and played. We LOVE when our cousins are here. That, combined with the holidays made for a darn good end to 2009.


Shenna said...

What fun memories for your kids!

Ellen said...

Love the picture of Brynlee in the princess dress. So Santa decided to get catch this year by the family. I am surprise they were quiet enough to not surprise him. Fun things.